A few advantages for social media

1. You Will Get Instant Traffic

Facebook has over 845 million users that actively using facebook each month. This shows that social media is used all over the world, and is one of the main reasons now going onto the internet.

So why not take advantage of this. Meaning there are so many people using social media sites, then this is a great way to get your company more well-known and your brand more aware. Doing this is very beneficial for your company.

How Social Media Can help Your Business

A lot of businesses have been using the internet to help their business grow. The internet was mainly used for research, but now people use the internet for a lot more reason e.g. Shopping, Gambling, doing your grocery shopping. A lot of businesses have now discovered how to use social media for marketing. Social media is one of the least inexpensive but most effective way to advertise their business. Another great way of marketing your business is blog marketing.

The $1.3 Trillion Price Of Not Tweeting At Work

On June 6, Larry Ellison--CEO of Oracle, one of the largest and most advanced computer technology corporations in the world--tweeted for the very first time. In doing so, he joined a club that remains surprisingly elite. Among CEOs of the world’s Fortune 500 companies, a mere 20 have Twitter accounts. Ellison, by the way, hasn’t tweeted since.


Pinterest opens site to all, stops invite-only policy.

Pinterest is a very large social networking site which has now opened his site for everybody to site up, instead of it been invite only. Pinterest became the fastest growing site ever which passed 10 million users within the first 9 months. The company has not yet disclosed a commercial plan but has tried many money raising techniques. They have tried a number of different methods such as using monetising links that bring in a revenue share, but they stopped that. Pinterest had a marketing strategy of having invites but now have opened it up for anybody to join.

How to Design an Ecommerce Website Experience Your Shoppers Adore

Planning on shopping online? I’m sure if you have shopped online before there have been simple, straight forward experiences and other times a pain in the neck. Well unfortunately the bad experiences end up costing ecommerce businesses serious sales. Do you think you have what it takes to make your visitors want to stay on your website and persuade them to purchase an item? By reading this blog post, you will find out what it takes to design a 5 star ecommerce online shopping experience, which will most certainly make sales and bring customers back and have a pleasant visit.

Apply the Concept of Social Media Marketing For Rapid Success of Your Site

Marketing is a popular concept associated with business. However, with the tremendous progress of internet business, the concept of marketing has changed, but the importance is still the same. There are wide varieties of marketing that can be carried out through the internet, among which the concept of social media marketing has emerged to be popular. This means that marketing for a website is carried out through social websites.