In the UK, more than two thirds of people own a smartphone and it’s been proven that they will spend nearly two hours each day using their device. People tend to use mobile devices to shop online, access social media and browse the internet, so having an app for your business can prove massively beneficial.  Normally when you suggest a business having an app, large companies come to mind like Asda, Amazon and eBay, but that’s not really the case as more and more smaller businesses are also taking advantage of the benefits that come with an app, essentially an extension of your business.


So why should your business develop an app? We will talk about some of the main benefits of an app and how it’ll affect your business.

Being visible to consumers at all times is highly advantageous because as stated above consumers spend more than two hours a day browsing their mobile devices and if your app icon appears on their background they will subconsciously look at it and recognise the icon; the consumer will know the branding from the app icon/logo. Being visible all the time means that consumers can access your products no matter what time it is or where they happen to be.

When buying a coffee from McDonalds there will be a sticker on the cup and a card for customers to stick it on; when there are 6 stickers on the card, the customer is entitled to a free coffee, because of this customers may return to the store to get their free coffee. This is a physical method of loyalty points but with an app your business could offer the same incentives when the customer simply inputs to the app, for example tapping a sticker image.

When it comes to payment methods, most businesses would prefer physical cash but understand that consumers instead carry cards for payment, using chip and pin/contactless. An app allows the consumer a third option for payment and that is via the app. Consumers who don’t have their cards or cash on them can still purchase products, however it’s much easier as on the iPhone, all you have to do is scan your finger to make a payment. This can also help the business as customers who pre-order their products can just come in, pay by phone, collect their goods and leave.

An app would be great for your business, however developing it is problematic as it’s highly complex and requires specialist skills. Because not just anyone can do it, those who can normally charge highly for the service. This could be the reason why the majority of companies with apps are larger as they can afford to pay for the time it takes to develop the app, however on completion they can start reaping in the benefits.


At Introspective we’re with you every step of the way, making sure you are happy from the initial ideas and design stages to the completion of the app. In a world where both business and technology are constantly changing we understand how important it is to maintain and update the app post release, in accordance with these changes. We’re here to ensure your apps continued success. For more information look up Mobile Apps on our website or contact us!

Make sure your business is just a fingertip away at all times… Get a mobile app today!