Ed Sheeran is quickly becoming a household name and favourite of many across the nation and the world for that matter. But more recently it has been reported that Ed has to pay a hefty sum of money to two composers as they have claimed Ed’s song ‘Photograph’ has been copied and lyrics stole from their song ‘Amazing’; Matt Cardle won X Factor in 2010 releasing the song ‘Amazing’ shortly afterwards.

A lawsuit has been going on since early July 2016 and both parties came to an amicable agreement however earlier this week the case was dismissed earlier this week. A California court has since said it would make sure that the terms of this agreement were to be met. The two song writers filed for $20 million but it is unclear whether that figure represented the terms as no information has yet been released.


This just proves how important copyright is and why everyone, no matter which sector you work in, needs to pay close attention to information or media they intend to use on websites/social media pots etc and ensure that if the work isn’t yours, you have permission from the owner or alternatively use royalty free sites. If found to have ‘stolen’ someone else’s work, you may face the same charges as Ed Sheeran and possibly have to pay a fine. Copyright is automatic and unless otherwise stated, the image, song, writing etc is protected and can’t be copied.

If you’re not sure whether your intended copy, image or other medium is covered under copyright ask! Don’t just take the item because everyone else has and hope nothing happens because this may well result in you having a fine to pay and handle a lawsuit. The scope of the internet means there are more than a few websites that offer Royalty free images, that are free to use commercially.


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