At Introspective we strongly believe that all businesses should have both a web and online social media presence. There are many reasons behind this and if you looked at our previous blogs, ‘Why you should have your business online’ & ‘Benefits of having multiple social media accounts’, you will realise the advantages of both.

To start off with you need to have a social media account, we’ll start with Facebook for now.

1.       To make a profile, visit and click ‘sign up’, this will take you through creating a profile.

2.       Once you’ve got your profile, you will now need to make a page for your company. Go to the top right where there is an arrow pointing down and click it. This will open a menu; from there click ‘create a page’ and then follow the instructions.

That’s your company page done! Now if anybody goes to look for your business on Facebook they will find you. Now that you have a platform to communicate with customers and clients from across the world it’s time to put it to use!

To get the most out of your company’s page you need to make sure you’re posting regularly and are active so that you can spread your reach and gain a wider audience. While posting, try to make it more personalised and friendly so that your customers know it’s human communication and that the page isn’t just used to post updates.

You should aim to mix up the posts, so if you only really post updates about a blog you’ve written, create a post promoting a product instead. Social media is a great marketing tool that can help you push flash sales and deals quickly with practically no cost (unless you make use of the paid advertising to promote it) attracting more customer attention.

Why not upload a free-to-enter competition to social media and have a prize for the winner? Doing this can attract users who have never heard of your company before competing for the free prize. By doing this you are spreading your reach gaining more interest in your social media pages; ultimately boosting the interest in your products and service!

However, being consistent in your posting is tough and requires you to be actively engaging with it so that you can maximise your reach. If you’re a small business the chances are you may not have the available resources and your focus will be on other tasks thus neglecting your social media accounts. This could harm your business’ effectiveness to compare with your rivals who may well be actively engaging online.

At Introspective our social media packages are fantastic and with our affordable three tiers we can work with any budget you have and provide an amazing service. We’ll do all the hard work for you, and make sure that you’re constantly updated allowing you to focus on the other aspects of your business.

You’ll wish you contacted us sooner!