Recently news reports have shown that a fifth of British businesses have been hacked (source sky) and only a quarter of these firms had security in place to guard against this. Out of the businesses surveyed, larger firms tended to be more at risk with 42% fallen victim compared to 18% of small businesses. Every day the business and technology world is rapidly advancing, so it’s surprising to learn that so many companies have been hacked but even more shocking is how few had security measures in place.

Malicious users (hackers) are constantly finding ways to break through a business’ initial security wall; this could be passwords or encryption layers, but finding a way through could possibly mean they have access to everything within the network which can be very damaging to a business. Ashley Madison, the public dating/affair website, got hacked back in July 2015 and the business is still trying to recover from the damage caused. When the hackers broke into the network they gained access to the client database, from here they were able to publish the real names of Ashley’s clients. This was damaging enough for the company as they had assured clients that their details were secure; today Ashley Madison is still trying to re-emerge, changing their slogan and whole image but it may possibly be too late for them.

However not all businesses that have been hacked ended as disastrously as this. In fact this was a unique case and is still referenced to this day due to how bad the attack was. No matter the size or how publicised a hacking is, when a business gets hacked it’s a massive inconvenience for them as they will have to fix it right away, potentially dropping any other tasks they may have. More often than not, this will also cost the company financially as they try to repair the damage and prevent it from happening again, but also for the loss of productivity having had to divert their attention elsewhere. For a small business, this monetary loss could seriously hurt as they may not have the necessary resources to survive whilst addressing the problem.

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