Many small and medium-sized businesses in the UK choose to have brochure style websites. These are very basic, but they are sufficient for presenting your company and your products to consumers. They are fairly inexpensive, but usually have good graphics and plenty of images to catch the attention. Learn more about these sites to find out whether this would be the right choice for your business.

What are brochure style websites?

These are the simplest of sites that can be created for commercial use. The most basic variants usually have three to five pages. You get a home page, a product page and a page with your company's contact details. You can readily get a bigger site. For instance, you can have a page for each product or service that you offer. You can also have a separate photo gallery. Many businesses choose to have a blog integrated in their site as part of social media marketing strategy.

One important thing to note is that even though brochure style websites are simple in terms of design, they are not inferior to other types of business sites in terms of quality. You can readily set up a site with beautiful and sophisticated graphics, well-organised navigation, menu and a memorable logo. Basically, you can have online representation which suggests to consumers that your business is reliable and that your products are of good quality.

What type of organisation usually opt for a brochure style website?

These websites are usually used by small and medium-sized companies, as highlighted earlier. They are used exclusively by businesses that sell their products and services offline. If you plan to sell any goods on the internet, then you will need an e-commerce site with a shopping cart and an integrated payment system. All sorts of businesses use sites in brochure style from consultancy agencies and law firms to local car hire companies, restaurants, wedding planning agencies and even child day care centres.

How can I set up such a website for my business?

There are readymade templates for brochure style websites that can be found online. These are often highly customisable and come with easy to use graphic management tools. However, a template-based site can never be unique. That is why most companies prefer to use the services of experienced website designers. A designer studio can produce a totally unique site that integrates all of your ideas. You can also order a unique logo for your company. Many website design studios offer complete packages that include site building, management tools and even hosting services for a set period of time. 

How much does such a website cost?

The cost of a brochure style website depends on the number of pages, the graphics used and the additional products and services that are used for customisation. In general, a readymade template will be quite inexpensive. You may even be able to get a very good template for free. If you want a totally unique site and prefer the services of designers, you need to outline your preferences and requirements and request a quotation.

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