When people come onto a website the appearance is what makes up their mind, its need to have a good impression. If your job is being a web designer then your role is highly crucial. When people design a website they often think that a simpler design is better. They think because it is looks better than it is easier to understand. Several internet users claimed that they find simple websites a lot more informal. A simple website may be implied that it has been created and designed by a beginner, which is why it many not appeal too many. It also may look unprofessional which will then make the visitors leave your site.

It so happens that most of the arguments in favour of simpler website designs are the result of a misunderstanding. Several people misinterpret the idea of a complex design. For many, the term refers to a webpage stuffed with a myriad of unnecessary components. This, however, is not what a complex website design refers to. In fact, the degree of complexity in a website design actually refers to the degree of expertise that is put into it. If a webpage is referred to as 'complex', it simply means that it contains more than usual titles and catchy images. There are several other components put into it after thorough contemplation on the part of experienced web designers.

A advanced and more professional website design includes more sophisticate components such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). This is when a website is created then it will be easier to find on search engines and ranked much higher in the search engines. People also pay a lot of attention to the content on the website on how it is written and how it is presented on the page. Keywords play a big part as well, they are carefully incorporated into the content and into the title, and this is to make your webpage rank higher on the search engines. Similarly several other tools are included to increase the functionality of a website. These usually include CMS (Content Management Systems) and also databases. This is to make it easier for the website manager to keep a track of the website.

A complex design, therefore, does not refer to an unnecessarily complicated one in terms of appearance. It actually refers to a much more advanced system of designing, which incorporates advanced techniques that are not included in simple designs.

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