Designing a website is incredibly time consuming and takes a lot of patience to perfect it for your audience, however after constantly changing your website in a bid to improve it, your customers may stop visiting as they become frustrated with its design flaws. The main purpose of having a website is to attract customers and to keep them revisiting therefore having an unattractive design may deter these clients from returning to your site. Not to worry, here are some top tips on what to avoid when planning your website design.


Too many ads!

When customers visit your website, they don’t want to be bombarded with adverts playing loudly and distracting them. Though having ads will earn you money, possibly a lot, they may well make the whole website appear unattractive and this could prevent clients from proceeding further. We’re not suggesting you ‘DON’T HAVE ADS’ because we believe they are a good source of income for your business, however you need to find the correct blend and balance between content and advertising on the site.

Long Pages!

When designing your website, you need to take into consideration the length and size of your pages. Try not to have long pages of text as customers may be overwhelmed when presented with a lot of information on one page and may not want to be scrolling down the page wondering when will it end. If you need a lot of text on the website try splitting the content over several pages, however be careful as this could result in too many web pages and customers not being able to find all the relevant information they need, therefore having a navigation bar is perfect as it allows customers to travel quickly around the website without wading through pages to find what they are looking for.

Slow Loading Times!

These days users on the internet are looking for exactly what they want, quickly!... They don’t tend to have a lot of patience, they want information instantly and not to be waiting for pages to load on their screen. If your website is slow to load then customers may leave your site to go to another, possibly a competitor, which could result in a loss of sales and revenue. To limit loading times, you could remove a few images that aren’t required and those you do, try reducing their file size.

Poor Navigation!

Possibly one of the biggest errors many businesses make when designing their website is poor navigation. When clients come to your website they want to be able to get around it easily and not have the constant problem of wondering where they are. You need a simple navigation bar to make it user friendly, outlining each page so that clients know exactly where to go; this will give customers a positive experience as you’ve made your website user friendly.


These form part of a long list of easy mistakes that come with attempting to design and build your own website! It can seem daunting and put off businesses attempting to go online. You need not worry as here at Introspective we can do all the work for you.

We understand exactly what processes need to be done when constructing your website and to ensure that it is optimised for your business sector. We keep you updated through the designing, building and publishing phases when constructing the website.

If you want to go online today, please contact us. We’re here to help you!