Step 1. Gathering information and research.

We will sit down with the client and discuss requirements and any idea’s they may have. We will understand what it is you do and what you are trying to achieve in depth. We then research their competitors and develop a strategy to penetrate their particular market ensuring we achieve what we set out to do, maximum success.

Step 2. Planning.

We will draw up a site map of how your website will function, how users will navigate the website, sub categories what content will go where and why, what is the best practices for the search engines whilst keeping the viewer / potential customer in mind ensuring that we convert visitors into customers.

Step 3. Design

Our graphic designers and website developers will get to work on creating the look and feel of your website. Your site must not only be visually appealing but the content must be set out in such a way that the visitor does not got bored and has all the information he or she needs in order to keep looking around on the website.

Step 4. Build

Once the look and feel of the website or ‘draft’ has been approved our website developers can get to work coding the website. Your site will be hand coded using whatever programming languages are necessary such as HTML, CSS, PHP and we will ensure that the site is built to current web standards and is search engine friendly as standard.

Step 5. Optimisation

Our search engine optimisation specialists will the get to work on the content of your website. They will use their knowledge of SEO gathered from years of experience to make your website rank as highly as possible for your chosen keywords and key phrases. Find out how search engines work

Step 6. Quality Control

Our developers will test your website ensuring there are no broken links or cross browser issues, invalid forms or anything of this nature before launching it on the internet.

Step 7. Going Live

Once we have meticulously tested your website it’s time to go live and set up any social media accounts, blogs, email accounts and things of this nature.

Step 8. Keeping your site up to date

If you have a content management system then you will be able to update the website yourself with your given username and password for easy editing. However if your website doesn’t need updating as frequently you may need the occasional text change or image uploading, we are able to do this for you for a small fee.
Our approachable team are always just a phone call away and will happily assist you with any questions or queries you may have. We build strong business relationships with our clients and have done so for many years.