Benefits of Having a Mobile Friendly Web Presence.

Many people own smart phones and use these to browse the internet. Mobile digital media time was at 51% compared to desktop at 42%. Not only that but 80% of people use their smart phone to search the internet and 42% use a tablet. 

People not only use their smart phones to search the internet but also to access mobile apps. It was recorded that 89% of people’s time is spent browsing on mobile apps. This data just proves that if you’re not reaching out to your audience through mobile friendly websites or apps, then you could be missing out on prospective business. 

Benefits of keeping your Website up to date


You may have a website that you think is successful, but if you’re not updating it is it really as effective as you think

Here are some reasons why keeping your website up to date is so important.

Changing your online content regularly can help search engines find you. Search engines like websites that have new content so it’s important to have a fresh up to date website as a lot of value is placed on this. Fresh content can provide key words which you can use to optimise your articles and attract prospective customers. 

Encouraging Social Media Interaction

The main objective of posting on social media platforms is to get some kind of reaction or engagement from people, without this social media is pretty pointless. It can be hard to get engagement from people when your social media platform isn’t very big, but there are ways you can help push your posts out there and get people interacting with you.

Using social media to promote your brand.

Many brands use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to interact with customers, share new products or content and many other things. Social media can actually help drive traffic to your website and impact on SEO. Your social media page is an extension of your website so using this social presence can help improve your branding and have a positive effect on SEO.

A Little Bit Of Information About E-commerce.

What Does e-Commerce Stand For?

E-commerce stands for "electronic commerce." Chances are if you are doing any kind of business online with a shopping cart you need an e-commerce based website to process your payments online. It can be an overwhelming task to get your e-commerce website up and running. However there are hundreds if not thousands of e-commerce sites online today.

What Is Best Script For An e-Commerce Site