What to look for in email marketing Software

One of the most important things about an email when used for marketing purposes is the visual styling.  Email marketing software should allow you to create templates or use existing ones and have some kind of drag and drop functionality for ease of use. Email marketing software that has a good visual editor is important as it makes it easier to create personalised templates and brand the email in line with your business image. 

Reacting to Negative Comments via Social Media

Improve negative comments by social media management

Getting negative comments on social media after receiving poor service is bound to happen but it’s what you do with these complaints is important. 

You should use every negative complaint as guidance for the future. If someone has complained about something you should try make sure the same things doesn’t happen again and if people keep complaining about the same thing then you know something is wrong.

Benefits of Having a Mobile Friendly Web Presence.

Many people own smart phones and use these to browse the internet. Mobile digital media time was at 51% compared to desktop at 42%. Not only that but 80% of people use their smart phone to search the internet and 42% use a tablet. 

People not only use their smart phones to search the internet but also to access mobile apps. It was recorded that 89% of people’s time is spent browsing on mobile apps. This data just proves that if you’re not reaching out to your audience through mobile friendly websites or apps, then you could be missing out on prospective business. 

Benefits of keeping your Website up to date

fresh website design and content


You may have a website that you think is successful, but if you’re not updating it is it really as effective as you think.

Here are some reasons why keeping your website up to date is so important.

Changing your online content regularly can help search engines find you. Search engines like websites that have new content so it’s important to have a fresh up to date website as a lot of value is placed on this. Fresh content can provide key words which you can use to optimise your articles and attract prospective customers.