The General Election 2017: A Digital Democracy?

On Tuesday 18 April 2017, Theresa May made a surprise announcement unexpected by most, to say that a snap general election would take place on Thursday 8 June 2017. General expectation is for a Tory landslide but with more than a month left before voting day anything could happen. In this article however we discuss how we, the electorate, can vote and what technology lies behind the voting process including how votes are counted.

Keep Yourself Safe Online!

Recently news reports have shown that a fifth of British businesses have been hacked (source sky) and only a quarter of these firms had security in place to guard against this. Out of the businesses surveyed, larger firms tended to be more at risk with 42% fallen victim compared to 18% of small businesses.

What to avoid when designing a website!

Designing a website is incredibly time consuming and takes a lot of patience to perfect it for your audience, however after constantly changing your website in a bid to improve it, your customers may stop visiting as they become frustrated with its design flaws. The main purpose of having a website is to attract customers and to keep them revisiting therefore having an unattractive design may deter these clients from returning to your site. Not to worry, here are some top tips on what to avoid when planning your website design.


Too many ads!


Ed Sheeran is quickly becoming a household name and favourite of many across the nation and the world for that matter. But more recently it has been reported that Ed has to pay a hefty sum of money to two composers as they have claimed Ed’s song ‘Photograph’ has been copied and lyrics stole from their song ‘Amazing’; Matt Cardle won X Factor in 2010 releasing the song ‘Amazing’ shortly afterwards.

Benefits of having your own mobile app

In the UK, more than two thirds of people own a smartphone and it’s been proven that they will spend nearly two hours each day using their device. People tend to use mobile devices to shop online, access social media and browse the internet, so having an app for your business can prove massively beneficial.  Normally when you suggest a business having an app, large companies come to mind like Asda, Amazon and eBay, but that’s not really the case as more and more smaller businesses are also taking advantage of the benefits that come with an app, essentially an extension of your business.